IT support | website and database development

Circus Tent

We never forget that you are the ringmaster, and we perform as experts.

Two Acrobats

We’re equally comfortable working with Windows, Mac, or Linux.


We provide accurate estimates, and strive to stay within those limits. Your approval to start work is not a blank cheque for us.

Balancing Act

We know when to use open-source tools and when to use commercial software.


We solve IT problems other service providers can’t be bothered with.

Fire Eater

IT support, website design and development, even databases.

Circus Performers

Take a look at some of our work.

Clown Shoe

For a small company, we deliver big results.


We’ve found ways to reduce technology’s impact on the environment.

Imagine ...

  • one provider for all your IT support and website needs
  • a technician who speaks your language
  • prompt responses to your phone calls and e-mails
  • a technician who doesn’t make you feel inept
  • building a long-term relationship with one technician

What next?

You are welcome to browse our website to learn more about us, or you can simply contact us to discuss your needs. (We won’t be testing you on the content of this website.)

The other pages are full of technical terms that you’re not expected to know anyway, unless you like that sort of thing.

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