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We started providing IT services in the days when obsolete computers were simply tossed into the dumpster. For the past decade, we have been recyling hardware by taking it to Computer Recyclers, or refurbishing it for non-profit organizations or deserving individuals. We are pleased to take away our clients’ e-waste for refurbishing or recycling. We ensure that all hard drives are erased to NIST standards for compliance with PIPEDA.

To minimize the impact of our technology on the environment, our office is bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas. Bullfrog ensures that for whatever amount of energy we use, the equivalent amount of renewable energy is injected into the electricity and natural gas systems, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution in our atmosphere. We also use and recommend HostPapa green web hosting.

Thanks to our remote support software, we’ve reduced our travel considerably. (We’ll still visit you if you get lonely.) To minimize the effects of our travel, we purchase Gold Standard carbon offset credits from

We consider power consumption when developing system specifications for our clients, and routinely configure energy-saving power profiles on client systems, where possible.

Beyond managing our technological footprint, our office participates fully in local municipal waste programs, including composting and hazardous waste depots.

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